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Welcome to Phoenix English Thailand. We are a new corporate English training company in Thailand. Please be patient while we continue to develop this website. If you have any questions or would like to know more information please click on the "contact us" page. If you are not a native speaker of English please use the "select language" menu at the top of this page to view our website in many languages. Thank you and have a good day!

Pictures of our instructors

Pictures of our instructors

Price Quotes

On this page you can view the estimated prices for lesson packages. 

We will tutor students for the following subjects:
Monthly: The best price. 2,000 baht per month.
These include your choices of Speaking Professionally for Contest and Scholarships, Conversation, Business Focus Communications, Reading and or Writing Skills. Test taking skills are also available.
For a monthly commitment we will tutor students for a flat rate of 2000 baht a month. This will include 2 hour sessions on Saturday. If agreed or by appointment Sunday can be arranged in advance. The package is month to month but for students it is requested that we agree to a term or yearly consideration. This rate must be paid on the first Saturday of each month before lessons begin unless prior notice for late payment has been agreed upon.
Regular Hourly rates are as follows.
 1 person             400 baht per hour.
 2 people             600 baht per 2 hr session
 3 to 6 people      500 baht per 2 hr session

Reading and Comprehension Study
Any number of people   500 baht per 2 hr sessions. Phoenix English staff will supply reading materials.
Basic Math Skills to basic Algebra      
500 baht per hour.  We do not tutor Algebra 2, Trigonometry or Calculus.
Presentation and Speaking Coaching   
400 baht per hour.   4 hrs minimum and Phoenix English staff will extend the lessons to take care of training up to the day of presentation if desired.

Lesson packs are available electronically or in print. Ask us for details.

Payment may be made by bank direct deposit if requested. For Skype lessons it is necessary for direct deposit to be made. All Skype lessons are handled through our associates in Bangkok.
Other Services for Older students and university levels:
Proof read and edit thesis reports.              3000 baht
Proof and edit essays and submissions       200 baht per page
Proof and rewrite essays and submission   400 per page

Business English for commercial application negotiable as to needs and specifics to the design of course work. Specialty in Banking, Sales, Marketing, Hospitality and customer service.

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