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Welcome to Phoenix English Thailand. We are a new corporate English training company in Thailand. Please be patient while we continue to develop this website. If you have any questions or would like to know more information please click on the "contact us" page. If you are not a native speaker of English please use the "select language" menu at the top of this page to view our website in many languages. Thank you and have a good day!

Pictures of our instructors

Pictures of our instructors

Meet Our Instructors

All of our instructors are experts in their areas of English instruction. 

Hi, I’m Terry Knott. I have been a teacher for almost 40 years. Being in Thailand for 12 years, I have been in many different types of teaching situations also. Our instructors all have similar backgrounds to draw upon to help our students maximize their learning experience. My teaching experiences include Kindergarten ages 3 through University level English classes.  I teach groups of students, adults and business people. I have experience in training educators in Thailand. As a professional educator I have presented teacher development seminars where I serve as a mentor teacher for candidate teachers that need a PGCE certificate.

Our business is dedicated to realizing the full potential of all our students. We tutor math fundamentals for elementary and middle school aged students and English in all skill areas.

We also dedicate our staff to business needs such as Banking, Sales and Hospitality. We are specially trained to teach customer service in banking. We cover basics in counter help and customer care where special services need to be explained or offered. This include the necessary conversations for bank transfers, special promotions and other critical financial needs of the customers.

One area of immediate need in Thailand is the ability for Thai teachers to communicate in English as teachers. Foreigners also need professional development for the criteria for licensing renewals and credits. We offer these services for two to three days sessions or as scheduled needs of the provincial districts.

I have experience in cultural needs and learning styles from many countries, and now in Thailand. We have facilities or can meet you at your convenience or where ever you feel most comfortable. For Business lessons we prefer to teach on location where it is relevant to the needs of the client.  

Our fees for lessons are negotiable, meaning there is always the possibility for a discount. The reason our rates are higher for business is the training and experience we have with proven results.

I am a fully licensed teacher in the US and I hold a Thai Teacher’s License as well.

Darryl L. Salter

Darryl Salter 

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Skype name: darryl.salter5 

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My name is Darryl Salter. I have been a teacher for almost 20 years. I have been teaching in Thailand for 10 years. I have been in many different types of teaching situations. I have taught grade 2 students up to adult. I have taught large groups of children and small groups of business people. I have experience in training educators in Thailand. I also have experience in multimedia and information technologies. I have taught distance lessons by Skype.  

I have taught in places such as the USA, Japan, Indonesia, and now in Thailand. At the moment, I do not have my own transportation. I would prefer to have face to face lessons at my place. However I can still come to your place but transportation arrangements would have to be made. I am already a full time teacher and I am trying to fill my free time.

My fee for lessons is negotiable, meaning there is always the possibility for a discount. The reason why my rates are higher than most teachers is my training and experience. I hold master level certificates in teaching and English. I am also licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education. 

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